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Because Burnt Coffee is Gross Coffee: Thermal Coffee Makers and You

You make a pot of coffee in the morning, guzzle a mug full, and head off to shower. You putter around the house, maybe make the kids’ lunches, put away the dishes, and finally are ready for a second cup with a little breakfast… except that the pot has now been sitting on the hotplate for an hour or so. There’s definitely a reason cafés make a new pot of coffee every 20 minutes or so: coffee will burn.

If you’ve ever tasted burnt coffee, you know the horrors that come from anticipating your delicious mug of java, only to take a sip and discover that someone has thrown handfuls of dirt into your precious, precious liquid… alright, so no one has really thrown dirt into your coffeepot, but that’s certainly what it can taste like. The solution? For a busy household that can’t guarantee the coffee will be consumed right away, a thermal coffee maker – which makes the coffee right into an insulated thermos pot – is an excellent solution.


1) Braun Impressions KF600 Coffee Maker

Pros: This thermal coffee maker can make up to 10 cups and hold them inside the double-walled and vacuum insulated thermal carafe, and has a “brew-through” lid to help preserve the flavor over time. The Braun Impressions KF600 also comes with a built-in Brita filter, ensuring your coffee is made with fresh, clean water. The permanent gold filter reduces mess and produces less waste that regular paper filters. It also doesn’t spill when pouring!

Cons: Users of this coffee maker have reported that it can be frustrating owning a coffee maker that only makes 10 cups at a time, which somehow seems to only amount to 8 when actually poured out. The machine also isn’t programmable, which might cause difficulties for people on the go, who can’t afford to wait for the coffee to drip through.

2) Cuisinart Grind and Brew DGB-600BCW Coffee Maker

Pros: Fresh ground coffee is no longer a hassle! This machine will grind your coffee beans before brewing, giving you extremely fresh-tasting coffee every time. The Cuisinart also makes 10 cups, and has a double-walled insulated thermal carafe to keep your coffee hot for hours. The stainless steel design will compliment any modern kitchen, and the timer works perfectly for coffee-lovers who want to wake up to the scent of fresh-ground coffee in the morning.

Cons: You have to clean this coffee maker after each pot, since the grinding process makes the grind and brew paths fill up with mess or sludge if not cleaned immediately. Fortunately, all pieces can be removed and placed in the dishwasher, however this might make the process somewhat tedious if you’re looking to make coffee for a large amount of people.


3) Capresso Digital MT500 Coffee Maker

Pros: The stainless steel vacuum carafe of the Capresso Digital coffee maker keeps coffee hot for up to 4 hours, and also brews the coffee reportedly 50% more quietly than other thermal coffee makers. There is also a built-in water filter that can remove up to 80% of chlorine in tap water, as well as an indicator to let you know when the filter needs changing. There’s also a permanent gold filter and a safety auto shut-off feature after the coffee has finished brewing.

Cons: Users of this coffee maker have reported very few issues with the machine, if any! The biggest deterrent may be the hefty price tag, though the quality of the machine and the efficiency of its parts may be worth it in the long run – it will last for quite some time.



4) Zojirushi Fresh Brew EC-BD15 Coffee Maker

Pros: This 10-cup coffee maker has a stainless steel vacuum insulated carafe, and keeps your pot of coffee warm for 3-6 hours without ever getting that ‘burnt’ taste. The components are easily removed for cleaning, and have a sleek design that catches any potential spillage, while the entire carafe can actually be immersed in water for easy cleaning.

Cons: Some users found it difficult to line up the filters correctly inside the basket. The Zojirushi uses #4 filters, which will need to be folded at the seam in order to fit properly, however once this is done, there shouldn’t be any additional problems. The small red water-level indicator may on occasion take a few extra minutes to reach the correct water line, and while the unit itself is aesthetically pleasing, it is quite tall – potential buyers might want to measure their counter and storage space to ensure it will fit.



5) Krups Thermal FMF5-11 Coffee Maker

Pros: This stainless steel Krups Thermal makes the standard 10 cups of coffee, and has a programmable timer and auto-shut off function for easy usability! The carafe is also a double-walled vacuum-sealed carafe, and there is a Pause and Serve feature that allows you to sneak a cup before the pot has finished brewing! A built-in water filter provides you with clean, chlorine-free water for each pot, and coffee will stay hot in the carafe for 2-3 hours.

Cons: Although the coffee maker comes with an automatic indicator that lets you know when to ‘descale’ the machine, on occasion it may emit a plastic smell if you haven’t cleaned the mineral residue right away. Some users have complained of a plastic smell even on their first use, and it seems that the carafe doesn’t keep coffee hot for as long as some of the other models do.


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