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A message from The Coffee Couple:

Hi there!

Greetings fellow espresso lover and welcome to our website!

We’re delighted that you’re here :) So… you’re wondering who we are…

Introducing The Coffee Couple:

Of course, we – Luc and Andréanne – are both adepts of espresso and cappuccinos, and curiously enough, we find all our friends are as well…

To us, espresso is:

Exceptional coffee that’s jam-packed with the best that beans can hold;
Sexy when the crema on top is thick and velvety enough to leave a mustache;
Proven to be our best “beautiful-day” starter;
Rewarding after dessert and perfect in mid-afternoon with biscotti;
Extremely indecent combined with chocolate-hazelnut spread in the ice cream maker;
Secretly the only reason we have ever been to Mount Washington;
Sometimes an excuse to ingest whipped cream, Grand Marnier and Bailey’s;
Obviously our passion and the center of attention in our kitchen.

We live in beautiful and historic Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada, where we enjoy skiing in the winter and hiking and wine tours in the summer and fall months.

We are next door neighbors to Mont Bellevue, which literally translated would be Mount Nice View, so you can imagine the panorama!
The Couple Couple’s website

Designed for your entertainment and build to meet your expectations this is where we want you to come every day.

Here is just a glimpse of what we upload on this site:

  • Videos and articles on how to use different espresso machines
  • Videos and articles on brewing tips, ideas, espresso machine maintenance
  • Daily hand-picked news from the coffee industry
  • FAQs
  • Our special audio report on 7 Critical Mistakes You Want to Avoid with Your Espresso Machine (Get it FREE when you subscribe to our Coffee News and Special Offers!)
  • And of course: espresso machine reviews!

Since this website first went live in 2006, it has allowed us to combine our Internet publishing know-how with our passion for great coffee and espresso.

If you have any suggestions, questions or ideas you’d like to see exploited here, drop us a line of give us a call: we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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So go on, now have a look around.

Happy drinking!

Luc and Andreanne
The Coffee Couple


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