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What Coffee Addicts Are Asking The Coffee Couple

Our answers to the top 7 objections to purchasing the espresso machine:

1. If I want to drink good espresso, why don’t I just go to a coffee shop?

Every once in a while, I absolutely enjoy going to a café, especially to take a moment to relax in the middle of an afternoon shopping spree downtown. But picture this. You’re having guests over for dinner, and just before dessert, as you offer coffee or tea, your guests ask for an espresso. You now face two options. Either say: “I’m sorry, I only have drip coffee” – or worse, instant coffee; or excuse yourself for 20 minutes, drive to the nearest coffee shop, and order a few espressos to go that will obviously be cold by the time you come back home…

Both options are downright embarrassing! What you really want is to answer your guests’ desires with a “Single or double? Or can I interest you in a cappuccino or a latte topped with your choice of cinnamon or cocoa and a drizzle of caramel?” and have it ready for them in a minute! Now that will generate a nice conversation about your talent as a barista and the outstanding choice you made for the astonishingly beautiful espresso machine sitting on your counter.

Besides, I don’t know if you’re like me, but when I wake up in the morning, I really can’t be bothered getting dressed and moving my sleepy self to the coffee shop to buy my first espresso of the day. I just need my beloved espresso machine in my own kitchen. But don’t take my word for it. Why not get an espresso machine by clicking here and see for yourself…

2. What if I don’t have time to make espresso at home?

Man, I don’t know about you, but when Luc and I wake up, we need that coffee now! Actually, Luc gets really irritated when he hasn’t had his brew. When that happens, I quickly escape to the kitchen for 30 seconds and come back with the antidote: a freshly brewed espresso, just the way he likes it, and Mr. Hyde instantly morphs back into Dr. Jekyll.

Do the math: How long does it take you in the morning to get dressed and ready to go, hop in the car and drive to a coffee shop, then stand in line behind annoying customers that don’t know what they want, order, pay, and wait for your coffee to finally get your fix? Even if you hurry ‘cause you’re the busiest guy in town, I guarantee it’s more than 30 seconds! That’s how quick it is with a super automatic espresso machine! In fact, click here and watch this video and see how fast we pull the shot…

3. Don’t you hate messy cleanups?

Yeah, I do! Luc is keen on brewing the coffee, but not so keen on cleaning up, so it’s a good thing for me that our espresso machines are a breeze to clean! Here’s how I do it:

For our semi-automatic:

After Luc pulls an espresso, I just unlock the portafilter, rinse both the portafilter and the basket under tap water, wipe the group head and the drip tray with a damp cloth and replace the portafilter. That’s it, it’s done, and it literally takes 15 seconds!

For the stove top:

Now that one is even easier since it has a lid to prevent splashing, and a spout for easy pouring, so there really isn’t any mess to clean. We use ours on camping trips so all that we do is unscrew the top, rinse the top, middle and bottom parts in the river, and screw the parts back together. Obviously, you don’t need a river, you could just use tap water, but it’s much more exotic with a river! You know the drill… Click here and watch this video and see how brain-dead it is to clean this espresso maker!

For the super automatic:

Oh, this one is a paradise for us lazy people who have so many more interesting things to do in our lives than to wash dishes and scrub the toilet… Luc has the strongest aversion for this kind of chore, and me too in fact (but he says it louder!). Honestly, you will break free from Mr. Clean with this kind of espresso machine. Watch this video in which Luc gets his espresso from the Capresso E9: at 2:15 you will see the internal waste bin in which the used coffee grounds were automatically discarded. It does it all for you! No day-to-day maintenance required!

Warning: if you’re a scrub-o-freak, don’t buy a super automatic machine… You will miss the scrubbing!

4. But I don’t even drink espresso! Can I make cappuccino?

Of course! That’s actually how Luc seduced me back in “the old days”… But that’s not all… Luc makes me several coffee shop-grade drinks that all start with a good espresso. The last time I got moody, Luc made me a mint chocolate cappuccino with chocolate shavings, and that lifted my spirits! The time before that he’d made me a French vanilla-caramel latte, topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel. Guess what he got after that! That’s the magic of a milk frother, flavored syrups and an array of spices…

Every pump espresso machine worth being called that has a milk frother… When my young cousins come over, I use it to steam some milk and prepare hot cocoa for them. I’ve even used the wand as a hot water dispenser for tea and soup. You’ll be amazed at how many different drinks you can make!

And even when Luc and I go rock climbing and spend the night out camping, we bring our stovetop model with a manual milk frother and some cinnamon, and enjoy our cappuccino while half-sitting half-lying in our hammock, enjoying the crisp morning air…

5. Won’t an espresso machine cost me an arm and a leg?

What is already costing you an arm and a leg is your daily trip to the coffee shop… Did you know that Americans spend on average $3 a day on coffee shops? Let’s do the math. 365 days times $3, that’s $1095 per year! Over five years, that’s $5475! The cost per cup for a home espresso is about ¢10. That’s right, just $36.50 per year, or $182.50 over 5 years… The numbers speak for themselves. Actually, with all the money that we saved since we bought our last espresso machine, we went on a nice 9-day, all-inclusive Caribbean cruise! Wanna go on a cruise? Buy an espresso machine!

6. What if I find a lower price on the Internet for a similar machine?

Heehee… I know right what you mean… I surf the Net all the time to find the best deals on everything! Luc thinks it’s a waste of my time, but he’s the first one to be happy about the unexpected extra cash that buys him new guitar strings and drum skins and espresso accessories… So of course, during my online expeditions, I spent a lot of time choosing espresso machine retailers that offer the perfect combination of lowest price, best customer service and best shopping experience. Believe me, there are only a few that meet my own expectations, so I’ve made it really easy for you: I guarantee you only the ones that make it on my list of awesome merchants are recommended here, so you’re sure you won’t get screwed.

7. What if something goes wrong with my machine, is it covered?

I know what you’re talking about. It’s a real bummer when you buy something and then it breaks and the company won’t replace it! I’m SO allergic to these companies, you can be sure it won’t happen to you here. We strictly refuse to sell products from companies that won’t guarantee them to work exactly as wonderfully as they should. Each espresso machine you’ll find on this site comes with a manufacturer’s 1-year warranty Click here and find your espresso machine in the Showroom and click on it to find out how we got you covered.

What are you waiting for?

After reading how we’ve addressed the issues, I’m sure you’ll agree that you’d be crazy not to want a home espresso machine for yourself. It’s clearly a convenient way to enjoy your daily espresso drink, right in your own home! Not only does a home espresso machine give you your daily dose of java, it does so in a quick, easy, and affordable way. Buy one today!


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