Epresso Machine Showroom

Espresso Machine Showroom

Welcome in our showroom!
We have carefully picked the best espresso machines according to customer satisfaction in each of the 4 categories
(For Beginners or Travelers, Intermediates, Cappuccino Lovers and Coffee Shop Owners):


  Easy to use
  Easy and quick to clean
  Well designed and built to endure
  Makes outstanding espresso
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Stove Top: Beginners or Travelers
The two models below both make excellent espresso. What’s the difference then, you say?

Bialetti Moka Express

Bialetti Moka Express

The Bialetti Moka Express is the most famous brand of espresso makers. This popular model is perfect for personal use or for travelers and campers. Made of aluminum, it’s light enough to carry around in a backpack.

Bialetti Info

Vev-Vigano Kontessa Tubo

Vev Vigano Kontessa Tubo

The Vev Vigano Kontessa Tubo is really the eye-catching one. Made of stainless steel, its beautiful royal design gives your table a touch of luxury. It’s ideal to impress the guests you’ve invited over for brunch!


 Vev Vigano Info

Semi Automatic: For Intermediates
Who else wants perfect crema, every time?

Breville Cafe Roma 

Breville Cafe Roma ESP8 XL

The Cafe Roma is built like a tank. Pump-driven for the best aroma extraction for thick, rich, golden crema on your espresso, every time!

Breville Cafe Roma Info

 Gaggia Baby Twin Espresso Machine

Gaggia Baby Twin 

How to brew cappuccinos that will make you feel in Italy, in the comfort of your home and in less than 90 seconds!

Gaggia Baby Twin Info 

Super Automatic: Cappuccino Lovers
I used to spend minutes brewing my espresso. Now it only takes me 30 seconds!

Saeco Talea Fully Automatic

Saeco Talea Touch 

The Talea  Talea Touch doses, grinds, brews and discards waste all by itself, so that all YOU have to do it enjoy your full-flavor, creamy espresso.

Milk Island: This unique and ingenious invention by Saeco is exclusively designed for the new Talea line of fully automatic machines. The Milk Island sits conveniently next to the machine, and draws steam from the machine into the Cappuccinatore. Easy to operate.

Saeco Talea Info

Impressa F8

Jura Capresso Impressa E9 

A brilliant example of form, function, and smart design create a Jura-Capresso that takes coffee from whole beans to delicious espresso in less than a minute!

1- Easy one-touch single or double shot presets.

2-  Quick milk frothing for perfect cappuccinos.

3- and More...

Jura-Capresso E9 Info


Commercial   Coffee Shop
Both Faema machines are built for commercial use. The main differences here are the looks and the number of groups.

Faema Due Smart A 2 groups Commercial Espresso Machine

Faema Due Smart A 2-Group Automatic 

The Due Smart 2-Group is a looks-good, won't-break client magnet for medium-size coffee shop owners. With everything in double, brewing 2 drinks at a time is quick and easy.

Faema Due Smart I


Jubile E61 1 Group Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine

Faema Jubile E61 1-Group Automatic
As an automatic 21st century version of the first ever 1961 pump-driven espresso machine, the Jubile gives you the best of two worlds: modern technology and timeless beautiful lines and design.  

Faema Jubile Info

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