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DeLonghi Caffe Nero Review: A Perfect Match for a Dual Lifestyle

DeLonghi Caffe Nero Coffee/Espresso Maker BCO264B

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I was at a convention on Monday in a chic Montreal hotel, the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth. We decided to digg into the buffet for lunch at their "Le Montrealais Bistrot-Bar-Restaurant". After walking around and whetting my taste buds by looking at all the colorful, delicious-smelling foods (and peeking at the dessert counter), I noticed, something right above the cheese plates. There stood a magnificent, brass eagle mounted, antique espresso machine. It was beautiful!

Back at the table, I asked my group of people what brand of espresso machine they preferred. Out of the 7 of them, only one women, Maryse, owned one at home. She was happy to say she is thrilled with her DeLonghi Caffe Nero. It perfectly suits her lifestyle: Maryse programs the drip coffee maker part of it to have her brew ready on weekday mornings, so she doesn’t have to wake up earlier and add to the already hectic morning rush.

On weekends, Maryse is much more relaxed and she takes the time to fix herself a very frothy cappuccino with cocoa powder on top, and savors it while reading the Saturday Press. Her husband is also quite pleased: he pulls himself an espresso shot once or twice a day from the other side of the Caffe Nero.

I asked her why they had chosen this brand and model, and her answer was perfectly logical: they spent a week in a hotel in New York, and that DeLonghi dual function coffee maker was their roommate... They liked it so much that on the day they got back home, they purchased the exact same one, no shopping involved. Their needs had been perfectly fulfilled in New York, and they still are, in the comfort of their home.

But they’re not the only ones happy with their move. Their daughter recently went away for her studies, and she got to leave with the old coffee pot, now that is was unwanted!


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