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Sip Your Way To Luxury With La Ruso Nero Coffee

La Ruso Caffe Nero Coffee Blend

La Ruso Nero Coffee
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The Coffee Couple is pleased to offer La Ruso Nero gourmet coffee beans for your espresso-sipping enjoyment. And since we would never suggest a product we weren’t absolutely in love with, we thought we’d share with you the experience of La Ruso Nero as a coffee or espresso.

La Ruso Nero is a blend of Central American, South American, and east African beans that make for a complex coffee. The beans from the Americas give it a delicate aroma while the African influence lends a richness only found in the best of coffees.

Before your La Ruso Nero beans are even brewed, you begin experiencing their warm chocolaty aroma as you open the bag and start grinding them. Once brewed, they create a lightly colored coffee that doesn’t need a lot of help from milk or sugar.

Enjoy it as a drip coffee…

As a drip coffee, La Ruso Nero is nicely balanced and not overly bitter but providing enough of an oomph to wake up your taste buds. We could taste the nutty essences of toffee and hazelnut, topped off with the same light chocolate flavor that has such a strong presence in the scent of the beans.

La Ruso Nero also makes the most of your drip coffee by presenting a velvety mouth feel that you don’t often get with supermarket coffees. It would make a great start to any day and leave you feeling just a little bit spoiled.

Or as an espresso

Espresso is where La Ruso Nero’s true colors come out. Don’t get us wrong, it’s great as a drip coffee, but as an espresso, it’s heavenly. The beans ground down nicely to create a dark, velvety coffee with a pronounced crema.

The nutty characteristics of the bean once again take center stage as the espresso’s scent caresses your senses before you even taste it. The taste is smooth, completely lacking the bitterness that the drip coffee brought out. You’re left with a sophisticated, multi-hued flavor that is nothing short of perfect whether sipped slowly on its own or combined with just a little milk for a latte.

As an espresso, we think La Ruso Nero would make a perfect companion to any light dessert. It would be exquisite when paired with something simple like vanilla ice cream and berries or a sugary pound cake. The sweet, hazelnut flavor would mingle brightly with the subtle flavors, much like a fine port wine mixes with dark chocolate.

Think you might like to give it a try? Your taste buds will thank you!

Happy Drinking!

The Coffee Couple