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The popularity of Krups coffee makers

Krups coffee makers are among the most popular coffee makers on the market today. They are affordable and come in many models. Twelve cup programmable Krups coffee maker retails for approximately a hundred dollars. This is a very competitive price. You can also get a dual carafe Krups coffee maker for approximately two hundred thirty dollars. These Krups coffee machines can make a total of twenty cups of coffee in one brew. This is a perfect solution for smaller offices. Krups coffee machines are well built and durable. They are among the best in the market and because of their affordability have become quite popular.

Krups coffee brewers are not the only Krups product available. They also make espresso machines.There are three different models of espresso machines available with a pump. Krups also have two different steam machine models of espresso makers. If you like the occasional espresso and also use a coffee pot you can buy a Krups dual functions coffee maker. There are 10 and 8 cup coffee makers available with a espresso machine combined with them. Two models come with 4 cup espresso capacity and one has a 1 to 2 cup capacity. Krups machines come with various features including stop and serve functionality, programmable timers, digital clocks, non stick warming plates and illuminated on and off switches. A Krups coffee machine is a great product for people who like coffee and espresso. All Krups products come with a one year warranty from the date of purchase.

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