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Buying Fair Trade coffee from Costa Rica supports small coffee growers and the Costa Rica environment.

[ADSENSE_0000000096]Fair Trade Costa Rica coffee is, for sure, of an excellent quality: Costa Rica coffee benefits from a perfect climate and high altitude slopes to cultivate excellent arabica gourmet Fair Trade coffee beans. Fair Trade Costa Rica coffee is also available in decaf.

Developing countries, such as in the case of Costa Rica Fair Trade coffee, can trade with economically leading countries. Fair Trade tends to eliminate the middleman. Hence, the profit is made directly by the coffee farmer. It actually guarantees a wage for the Fair Trade farmers that they can use for education, health and protecting the environment (against deforestation and pesticide pollution).

Coffee exports from Central America started with Costa Rica in 1840. Today, more than half of Costa Rica coffee growers are members of a cooperative which sells more than half of their production on the Fair Trade market, mostly to Holland, Germany and the US.

Buying Costa Rica Fair Trade Coffee gives you the opportunity to taste high quality coffee and to help the growers live a fair life.

For more on Costa Rica Fair Trade coffee, see our Gourmet Coffee Beans page.


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