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Coffee Mate Creamer, Convenient and Flavorful

[ADSENSE_0000000096]Coffee Mate creamer is Americas top selling brand of non dairy creamer. Introduced in 1961, Coffee Mate creamer was the first powdered non dairy creamer produced. Before the advent of Coffee Mate creamer, coffee drinkers would have to add real dairy cream or milk to their coffee. In the late 1980s, a liquid version and a fat free version of Coffee Mate creamer was introduced. Long known for its dark brown glass jars, Coffee Mate creamer can now be found in an environmentally friendly and safe plastic container.

Today, Coffee Mate creamer has expanded their products to appeal to different tastes by introducing a variety of regular and fat free flavors. Among the most popular flavors of Coffee Mate creamer are: Original, French Vanilla, Irish Crme, Hazelnut, Amaretto, Vanilla Nut, Vanilla Almond, Vanilla Caramel, and others. Coffee Mate creamer is a product of Nestle and can be purchased at most grocery stores and online. The original powdered version of the Coffee Mate creamer has a shelf life of two years and the liquid version of the Coffee Mate creamer expires after 14 days. Purchasing Coffee Mate creamer will allow people who do not drink coffee often to have creamer available to them at any time. For those who drink coffee black, Coffee Mate creamer is a great item to keep in the home for guests. It is also perfect for those who do not want to refrigerate real creamer such as in office building.

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